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I like my hair messy. My love wild. And my sex aggressive. But I’m still a sensitive woman, just with passion.
—Sade Harrison  (via suchvodka)

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He faced all this for you, for you to be loved, blessed, glorified, exalted, satisfied, accepted, freed and resurrected.

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I love you to the point of being absurd. I have only eyes for you. I know I’m annoying but I want you to know that if you run away, I’ll come running after you. No matter where you go, be it hell or the furthest corner on earth, I will catch up with you.
—Dao Ming Si (via neverthegoodguy)

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i wanna date someone and live with them in a shitty apartment but be happy about it because we are happy together and we can decorate it with stupid dorky posters of shit we like and figurines and art and we can cook weird recipes we found on the internet and eat them and watch cartoons even if the food is gross because we made it and we’re perfect

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this is just funny. staring at the screen. I cant say anything. I cant share. but i had too much to say HAHAHAHAHA. yeah fuunny.

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